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Back To School Kit

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The Back To School Kit:

This kit is what your child needs to go back to school. It includes a 5ml bottle of Jeddy's attention blend, a 5ml bottle of Shield protective blend and two 5ml roller bottles for easy application on the go.

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Jeddy's Blend
Shield Blend
1/8 roller bottle

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Size 15 ml
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Jeddy's Blend

Application: Topical & Aromatic

  • Using roller bottle (included in kit) apply liberally to the bottom of feet, including pads of toes.
  • Massage a few drops on the back of the neck and on wrists first thing in the morning and as needed throughout the day. (Can be used straight out of the bottle, no dilution needed)
  • Diffuse 3 drops of Jeddy’s Blend in your Diffuser throughout the day so your entire household can benefit from it.
  • Add to a spray bottle and spritz on a handkerchief, favorite blanket, or even a carseat to help appease known anxiety triggers.
  • For school
  • For homework time
  • For sleep
  • For annxiety relief
  • For conentration
  • Stress relief
  • For Sleep
Shield Protective Blend
Kid Immune Roller bottle

5ml Roller Bottle

2-5 Drops Shield

1-3 Drops Melaleuca

1 Drops Oregano

5ml Carrier Oil 

Add essential oils into the roller bottle and top with carrier. Rub on bottoms of feet and up the spine every 6 hours until symptoms improve (not to exceed 10 days).

Aromatic Diffusion

Diffuse a few drops of Shield in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other main living areas throughout the house to purify the air and allow the protective blend to enter the body's airways.