"This is definitely THE essential oil company to be affiliated with.. NO PRESSURE and quality goods.... and the people are SPECIAL! They are always there for you.Love the product and being able to share. Thanks SN Carol"

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"I am amazed with this company. I have had my blog for over a year with over 55,000 views and have never received a check from google adsense. Since becoming an affiliate, I have received monthly checks just for sharing my code a couple times a month. I am grateful for this way of earning extra money on the side during tight times!"

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"SparkNaturals is by far the best company to be associated with. As soon as I found SN I fell in love! The prices are wonderful for such great oils and being an affiliate for them has been 100% pressure free! Essential oils are a huge part of my daily life and being a part of this company has been such a privilege. "

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"For me it started as using the oils and loving them just as much as another company that I used to buy from. I like that I don't have to have my customers or myself buy into a wholesale price. I just knew I had to partner with this company. It has been a great year using and sharing these oils that really help people!! Thanks SN for giving us access to high quality oils at a great price!"

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